Amphenol Global Sales Team Turns to Brendan P. Keegan for Keynote

NASHUA, NH, June 3, 2015 – At Amphenol’s global sales convention, velocityHUB was called upon to challenge sales leaders, sales professionals, sales engineers and the company’s leadership team to sell in a new bold way to accelerate growth.

Brendan P. Keegan, Managing Partner at velocityHUB, will deliver a “Selling in the New World” seminar and keynote address. Amphenol is a highly successful global manufacturing company that is focused on leading their industry in above market growth.   To accomplish this, Brendan P. Keegan, Managing Partner, will be challenging the sales team to look at their existing clients differently, to prospect more strategically and to build a stronger company and individual brand.

Brendan P. Keegan, Managing Partner at velocityHUB said: “Amphenol has led their industry in growth for the last 3 years. To step it up even further, they must embrace new ideas, challenge the status quo and get a little uncomfortable. We have put together a high energy seminar to accomplish that mission.”

About Brendan P. Keegan

Brendan P. Keegan is a 4-time turnaround CEO of large, private equity backed companies and served as the Fortune 100’s youngest Chief Sales Officer. Brendan has raised nearly a billion dollars in capital and returned twice the industry average to investors through successful exit strategies. He has led over 25,000 people in 150 countries and driven sales teams to over $100 billion in sales. Brendan was named a Distinguished Fellow by Dartmouth College for his contribution to the engineering field, a successful entrepreneur by FastCompany, Volunteer of the Year and Coach of the Year for his commitment to community service.

About velocityHUB

velocityHUB delivers results-oriented training programs, high-value consulting and targeted executive coaching to many of the world’s leading companies, small and medium businesses, and non-profits. Our vision is to build one million leaders to drive performance, sales and revenue growth.

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