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Kristen Kjellman Marshall Named Managing Partner, velocityHUB

NASHUA, N.H., January 2, 2018 – velocityHUB, a leadership consulting & training firm, is pleased to announce that Kristen Kjellman Marshall – Executive Director of the Victory Academy, 8-year Nike veteran, and 3-time National Champion, 4-time All-American lacrosse player from Northwestern University – has been named velocityHUB Managing Partner. Kristen has been a Partner [...]

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9 Steps to Make an Executive Transition

In our leadership coaching with corporate executive teams, we will often have individuals approach us for coaching transitioning to their next executive opportunity. These executives have often been with their companies for 10, 20 and sometimes over 30 years, and they find themselves for the first time in a position where they are looking [...]

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When Young Professionals Join Your Firm, It’s Not Technical Skills They are Missing. They Need Training in These 4 Areas.

As a young professional, I feel comfortable saying this. There are plenty of employers who are frustrated with the employees that are currently joining their teams. Working in the line of work that we do, we hear this more often than we would like to. It’s visible in the statistics that are all over Google, [...]

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3 Tips to Exuding Executive Presence

Executive presence is a combination of­­ attributes, actions, and skills that leads others to perceive a person as a corporate leader. It’s hard to explain executive presence – it’s one of those things you feel when you connect with someone who exudes executive presence. It is something that can be developed, but it takes a [...]

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Learn & Leverage Your Way To High Performance

Have you ever wondered what separates average performers from high performers? We think about this question everyday. The Velocity team has studied over 50 performance traits of high performers, from personality to work ethic to leadership, and everything in between.  We have reviewed high performers across virtually every industry, job level and geography. Our [...]

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In Which Grade Did We Become Poor Business Writers? The Answer May Surprise You

Third grade. The second we learned about the five-paragraph essay, our academic writing improved, but our business writing suffered. When we started writing in the first and second grades, we got right to the point. “My name is Charlie.” “I like to play sports.” “The dog is fast.” When we learned how to write [...]

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Plot Your Success on a Curve

High performing individuals, from business leaders to professional athletes, are different from the rest of the world. There are three very common criteria that define high performers and their edge: High performers achieve their goals and beat their expectations High performers outperform their peer group High performers are consistent in their performance level From our [...]

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Amanda E. Rogers Named Greater Nashua’s Young "Professional of the Year"

(NASHUA, NH) – Ms. Amanda E. Rogers, Associate Partner at velocityHUB, was named Greater Nashua’s “Young Professional of the Year” at the 2016 Eminence Awards Luncheon hosted by the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce.  The award highlights the accomplishments of young professionals who live and/or work in the Greater Nashua region, and who excel both within [...]

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3 Tips to Get More Leads & Win Business in Financial Services

If you are in financial services—banking, insurance, advisory or some other avenue—you probably got into it because you like to help people and you are good at what you do. Much less likely, you got into the industry because you were really good at sales and business development. You may also be good at [...]

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