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Driving Team Engagement & Performance: 8 Keys to Developing a High Impact Team Retreat or Offsite Meeting

If you look at some of the most successful organizations in the world, you can bet they didn’t get that way doing the same thing every day. They had to think differently, adjust when conflict came up, react to change, and make strategic decisions to move the organization forward. This type of thinking & [...]

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Your Brand Bodyguard: Develop A Brand Agent

Develop Brand Agents. If Your Employees are Brand Agents for Your Company, It Can Actually Enhance Your Company Brand. Especially If you are a Service Firm, Your Employees Make Your Company. You Can Put All the Time Into Your Company Brand, But If Your Employees are not Advocating for it, Your Brand Will Be Diluted. [...]

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Brand Yourself for Success

Brand Yourself. Only approximately 16% of people have a professional brand, and fewer than 5% embody it. In order to SELL YOURSELF, you must first define your own brand! Understand the Professional Brand Definition A Professional Brand is an individual’s promise to consistently provide a unique set of characteristics, advantages, and services to others. [...]

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Prominent Leadership Traits of 3 U.S. Presidents

All of our 45 United States Presidents made it to that prestigious position because they possessed leadership qualities and attributes in some form. However, simply because you are elected President, doesn’t mean you are automatically a great leader. Leadership is a process. Leadership requires work. Leadership necessitates action. Personal Interlude: I’ll be honest - my [...]

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3 Tips to Navigate an Executive Career Transition

Transitions, layoffs, company downsizing, and corporate culture changes. These are some of the many reasons why executives find themselves in career transition situations. For some executives in senior-level positions, it can be a scary thing to have had a 15 to 25-year successful career at one company, and suddenly find yourself staring down your [...]

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Put On Your Success Specs—Visualize Your Success Daily

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” – Tony Robbins We have heard “them” say hundreds of times that participating in youth and college athletics prepares us for careers in business. Growing up, intuitively I understood that the lessons of teamwork, leadership, and [...]

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Stepping Into the Spotlight: Mastering the Presence of a Top Executive

Head turners. We all know a few—those people who walk into the room and without even looking at them, you know they are there. What is it that makes them so special? What is it that causes people to glance their way or crowd around them? The simplest explanation: these people have PRESENCE. SEE [...]

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The Power of Connections

Almost everyone could improve his or her success with a stronger understanding of and commitment to networking. From at least college, we have heard about the three most important things of getting ahead in the business world: network, network, network. While the delivery of this advice is quite humorous the first time one hears [...]

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