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Jump in the Driver’s Seat. Accelerate Your Plan

Find Your Leaders. If Your Company Has a Great Business Plan, it Requires Great Leadership to Accelerate the Process and See it Through. Leaders Help Drive the Success of the Business Strategy and Place Talent in The Right Places. Before You Execute Your Business Plan, Make Sure You Have a Strategic Leadership Plan in Place. [...]

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Three Lenses Of High Performing Vision

High Performers Have Vision. If You Are An Individual Striving For Greatness And Looking To Maximize Your Potential Then You Must Have A Vision. Vision Allows You To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone And Helps You To Achieve What Others May Deem Impossible. A Vision Is Your Roadmap To Excellence.  3 Lenses Of High Performing [...]

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Three Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Leaders Ask Questions. As A Leader, You Walk In The Light. That Means That Everything You Do Has The Potential To Be Praised Or Ridiculed. Leaders Must Look Within Daily To See If What They Are Displaying To Their Colleagues And Followers Is What They Want Them To See, Hear and Experience. 3 Questions Leaders [...]

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Three Places LEADING Makes You More MONEY

Leaders make more money. In general, people who perform at a very high level make 30% more money than their peer group. Luckily, we can all develop leadership qualities and put ourselves in leadership positions. However, it doesn’t always mean a new title. 3 Places LEADING Makes You More MONEY 1. In SALES If you are [...]

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Change Your Leadership DNA

Some Leaders are Born. It's in Their DNA. From a Young Age, They are the Ones Who Inspire Others to Action and Bring Groups Together. However, Leaders Can Also Be Made, and Not Necessarily in Ways We Typically Assign to Leaders. 3 Ways to Change Your Leadership DNA 1. Behind the SCENES To so many, leadership means talking first or [...]

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The St.A.R. Formula for Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. People who are confident consistently maintain high performance; they know they have what it takes to succeed, while they also understand they have a lot to learn. We all have the ability to develop a confident mindset if we commit to it. The St.A.R. Formula for Confidence 1. Stand Tall Studies [...]

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Three Phrases You’ll Hear from Power Leaders

Leaders command attention. They speak with authenticity & clarity that encourage others to listen & act. Understandably, you’ll find true leaders saying some of the same things—and you’ll recognize a leader when you hear these words: 3 Phrases of Power Leaders 1.“This is What HAPPENED..." Gossip is not leadership. True Power Leaders ignore gossip that [...]

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