Brendan P. Keegan Inspires Students at Bishop Guertin with Keynote Address

(NASHUA, NH) – Mr. Brendan P. Keegan, Class of 1987, captivated and inspired the entire student body of Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua last Friday, through his keynote address delivered to the school at the invitation of the school’s president, Linda Brodeur. The event, part of a half-day Alumni Career Day event brought together all 750 members of the school’s student body, along with faculty and administration members to listen to Keegan’s remarks.

Harking back to his own days as a BG Cardinal, Keegan shared his personal connection to the students and the school’s history by recounting his best memories of high school life. Keegan then kindled a determination within the students to overcome typical fears of anxiety experienced by teenagers by creatively thinking about their own ability to “crush life” in four different ways:

  • Find your purpose and live it with intention
  • Be a leader at “your thing”
  • Be courageous
  • Live with faith

“We were so thrilled to have Brendan come back to his own high school campus and share his life lessons with our current students,” said the school’s president, Brodeur. “Brendan is a great example of someone who has lived his life and his career based upon the values of our school, and his ability to personally connect with our students was just as inspirational for our faculty members as it was for our kids.”

Keegan ended his remarks with a creative and entertaining lesson for the students, comparing them to “munchkins” from Dunkin Donuts that he distributed to the students while using the analogy of a donut hole. “Often in life, those with the most access to resources get all the attention,” said Keegan, comparing such people to the top of a donut. “But those with the least resources also get a lot of attention” said Keegan, comparing such people to the bottom of a donut. “Then there’s everyone in the middle who often find themselves in the donut hole, and devoid of the attention and support that others enjoy. Those of us who find ourselves in the donut hole have to work harder and stand on our own two feet if we are to succeed in life. Each of us in this room is fortunate to be at a school that recognizes this donut hole and seeks to fill it through BG’s support of its students outside of the classroom. It’s up to each of us to fill that hole through our studies at BG, and by finding our values and our strengths, and then leading our life based upon those values,” concluded Keegan.

About Brendan P. Keegan

Brendan P. Keegan is a 4-time President & CEO. He has raised nearly a billion dollars of capital and maintained an internal rate of return 2x the industry average through execution of successful exit strategies. Through his leadership, Brendan has inspired extraordinary performance for over 25,000 people including 5,000 sales professionals. His experience spans Fortune 100, mid-market & entrepreneurial start-up ventures. Brendan and his wife Dana also founded the Keegan Family COURAGE & FAITH Foundation focused on supporting youth academics, education, leadership and athletics.

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