Brendan P. Keegan Joins Invitation-Only Forbes Coaches Council

NASHUA, NH –velocityHUB is proud to recognize our Founder and Managing Partner, Brendan P. Keegan, for being selected to the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council. He joins many other successful business and executive coaches in the Forbes community.

As part of the council, Brendan will be a contributing author to Forbes online for professionals and businesses. Topics and resources will span from strategic thinking to employee management to business development which will be available on Forbes.com.

Brendan has published over 200 articles globally, featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Selling Power, InfoWorld, IT Business Edge, CTO Edge, and Incentive Magazine.

Brendan P. Keegan, Founder and Managing Partner of velocityHUB said, “On behalf of the entire team at velocityHUB, we are honored to contribute to Forbes to continue to drive our vision of building leaders throughout the world. The opportunity to spread our knowledge, perspectives and thoughts with a broader audience is very exciting to our firm.”

At velocityHUB, Brendan and his team make leadership, management, sales & professional development & publications available for leaders & professionals. Those resources are available at velocityHUB.com.

About Brendan P. Keegan

Brendan P. Keegan is Managing Partner of velocityHUB. He is a 4-time turnaround CEO of large, private equity backed companies and served as the Fortune 100’s youngest Chief Sales Officer for EDS, a $22 billion technology industry leader. Brendan has raised nearly a billion dollars in capital and returned twice the industry average to investors through successful exit strategies. He has led over 25,000 people in 150 countries and driven sales teams to over $100 billion in sales. Brendan was named a Distinguished Fellow by Dartmouth College for his contribution to the engineering field, a successful entrepreneur by FastCompany, Volunteer of the Year and Coach of the Year for his commitment to community service. Brendan is a sought-after speaker by companies across the globe on leadership, sales and performance. Brendan received his bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his masters degree from The George Washington University. He serves on corporate and non-profit boards as well as Chairman of the Keegan Courage and Faith Foundation.

About velocityHUB

velocityHUB’s vision is to build one million leaders by delivering results-oriented training programs, high-value consulting and targeted executive coaching. velocityHUB has developed 110,000 leaders in 14 diverse industries. The velocityHUB clients range in size from 350,000 employees to one-person sole proprietorships and are publically traded market leaders, private businesses, family-owned businesses, venture-backed startups, associations, nonprofits and academic institutions.

Learn more about velocityHUB at www.velocityhub.com

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