Your Brand Bodyguard: Develop A Brand Agent

Develop Brand Agents. If Your Employees are Brand Agents for Your Company, It Can Actually Enhance Your Company Brand. Especially If you are a Service Firm, Your Employees Make Your Company. You Can Put All the Time Into Your Company Brand, But If Your Employees are not Advocating for it, Your Brand Will Be Diluted. [...]

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Brand Yourself for Success

Brand Yourself. Only approximately 16% of people have a professional brand, and fewer than 5% embody it. In order to SELL YOURSELF, you must first define your own brand! Understand the Professional Brand Definition A Professional Brand is an individual’s promise to consistently provide a unique set of characteristics, advantages, and services to others. [...]

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Creating Your Vision: A Lesson from McDonalds

The initial vision of a good hamburger restaurant belonged to Dick and Mac McDonald, the two brothers who opened the first Golden arches hamburger stand in San Bernardino, CA in 1948. But, it was Ray Kroc, a man who sold Multi-mixer machines to the restaurant who was most impressed by the constant traffic around the [...]

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Three of Your Most Important Development Initiatives

We live in a place where we have to differentiate ourselves now more than ever. It goes beyond a degree and a trade to now building a presence, having a network, and displaying valuable - though much harder to qualify - attributes that companies crave. In order to move forward in organizations or to facilitate [...]

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Build Your Brand Plan

Building your POWER ASSET PLAN is essential in your quest toward an authentic, recognizable brand. Your assets are your strengths and best qualities. They are what make you GOOD. Passions, tangible assets and intangible assets are three of the core components to an effective brand plan. 1. PASSIONS Where do you get your INSPIRATION and [...]

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