Make 100 New Connections in Under 100 Minutes

Every motivated leader, sales professional, or individual who wants to broaden their network must master the ability to meet more people and make more connections. Thanks to social media, making connections has never been easier. Finding out a prospect's or partner’s experience, habits, likes, dislikes and background is easy as mastering the world of social [...]

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Manage Your Business Deal

When forming a business deal, you’re never alone. Proper team building consisting of an aligned purpose, talent, diversity and leadership will help you score more clients and more revenue. However, above all, your team must be ENGAGED. Here are four important concepts that fall under the umbrella of team engagement: 1. MORALE MANAGEMENT Team engagement [...]

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The Undeniably Great Presentation

Presentations are more than just talking about information to a group of people. Your audience should be treated like ROYALTY. After all, you want them to care about the information just as much as you do. If YOU show that you care, your audience will care. Enthusiasm is contagious! Always present information in the most [...]

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The St.A.R. Formula for Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. People who are confident consistently maintain high performance; they know they have what it takes to succeed, while they also understand they have a lot to learn. We all have the ability to develop a confident mindset if we commit to it. The St.A.R. Formula for Confidence 1. Stand Tall Studies [...]

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Three Actions of POWER LEADERS

Leaders move. Leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility and organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. By definition, when others talk, leaders take action. 3 Actions of POWER LEADERS 1. They Take OWNERSHIP The first part of the definition of leadership says “accept responsibility.” This goes far beyond simply stepping up and [...]

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Winners Get RESULTS

Performance is based on RESULTS, not effort. Above all else, what you produce will define your career. Are you getting the RESULTS from yourself and your team? Keys to Getting Results   Identify Your RESULT BIAS A person with low result bias values the journey more than the outcome, while a person with medium result [...]

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Communicate With Clarity

Clear communication is effective communication. More than 80% of work time is spent on communicating, but is your delivery coming up short? 3 Tips on Communicating With Clarity Establish Limits Establish limits on date and timeframe, the points i.e. (Introduction, Middle, and Close), and lastly agree and reference. By establishing an agreement of what is [...]

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Fool-Proof Your Listening Skills

Listening is easy, but it’s not fool-proofed. 45% of your communication is used for listening, but are you using them to your ADVANTAGE! 4 Tips on FOOLPROOFING your LISTENING SKILLS Take Notes Take notes either shorthand or longhand with quick references to refer later. Record the presentation with a recorder to boost your listening process [...]

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