9 Steps to Make an Executive Transition

In our leadership coaching with corporate executive teams, we will often have individuals approach us for coaching transitioning to their next executive opportunity. These executives have often been with their companies for 10, 20 and sometimes over 30 years, and they find themselves for the first time in a position where they are looking [...]

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3 Tips to Exuding Executive Presence

Executive presence is a combination of­­ attributes, actions, and skills that leads others to perceive a person as a corporate leader. It’s hard to explain executive presence – it’s one of those things you feel when you connect with someone who exudes executive presence. It is something that can be developed, but it takes a [...]

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Management – Defining a High Performing Leader – Part 1 of 6

Ever wonder how some organizations seem to have all the go-getters? It doesn't happen by chance, it happens by learned actions. Some people are naturally high performers, but for those who are not can still be taught. So for everyone out there hoping to turn more employees into high performers there is hope. See below [...]

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Building Your Executive Presence

The first step to building your own executive presence is recognizing it in someone else. This person has won the confidence of those around them. They possess a professional magnetism that attracts and influences others. They are an exemplary leader and respected authority. They are relied on for strength and wisdom. Ask yourself, what is [...]

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12 Actions to Become a High Performing Leader (Part 2)

Last week, we shared the first six of 12 Actions to Become a High Performing Leader. This week, June comes to an end and we start the second half of 2016. The good news is that we all have six more months to make progress on our personal and professional career goals that were set [...]

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12 Actions to Become a High Performing Leader (part 1)

We’re nearly halfway through the 2016 calendar. Are you making progress on the personal and professional career goals you set a few months ago to become a high performing leader this year? It’s not too late – we all have six full months left in the year to achieve our goals! In our study of thousands [...]

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