Three Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Leaders Ask Questions. As A Leader, You Walk In The Light. That Means That Everything You Do Has The Potential To Be Praised Or Ridiculed. Leaders Must Look Within Daily To See If What They Are Displaying To Their Colleagues And Followers Is What They Want Them To See, Hear and Experience. 3 Questions Leaders [...]

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Three Places LEADING Makes You More MONEY

Leaders make more money. In general, people who perform at a very high level make 30% more money than their peer group. Luckily, we can all develop leadership qualities and put ourselves in leadership positions. However, it doesn’t always mean a new title. 3 Places LEADING Makes You More MONEY 1. In SALES If you are [...]

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Fool-Proof Your Listening Skills

Listening is easy, but it’s not fool-proofed. 45% of your communication is used for listening, but are you using them to your ADVANTAGE! 4 Tips on FOOLPROOFING your LISTENING SKILLS Take Notes Take notes either shorthand or longhand with quick references to refer later. Record the presentation with a recorder to boost your listening process [...]

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