Don’t Build a Career Without a Blueprint

Would you build a house without a detailed blueprint? Probably not if you want it to stand on its own. So, why would you pursue career success without a plan? The average person spends about 10-15 hours planning a vacation, and relatively much less on planning a career. Take some time to plan out where [...]

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Creating Your Vision: A Lesson from McDonalds

The initial vision of a good hamburger restaurant belonged to Dick and Mac McDonald, the two brothers who opened the first Golden arches hamburger stand in San Bernardino, CA in 1948. But, it was Ray Kroc, a man who sold Multi-mixer machines to the restaurant who was most impressed by the constant traffic around the [...]

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Jump in the Driver’s Seat. Accelerate Your Plan

Find Your Leaders. If Your Company Has a Great Business Plan, it Requires Great Leadership to Accelerate the Process and See it Through. Leaders Help Drive the Success of the Business Strategy and Place Talent in The Right Places. Before You Execute Your Business Plan, Make Sure You Have a Strategic Leadership Plan in Place. [...]

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