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Our Clients

velocityHUB partners with some of the most prestigious companies around the globe from Fortune 100 to small & medium businesses to nonprofits across 15 diverse, vertical industries.

Don’t Just Take It From Us. Hear What Our Clients Have To Say…

“At WPI, we constantly strive to provide maximum value to our students both inside and outside of the classroom to give them every competitive advantage. We are always excited to bring Victory Academy to campus to help our students build and manage their personal and professional portfolios. Victory Academy has a long record of success delivering meaningful programs to current and aspiring business leaders and we value our engagements with them.”

Norm Wilkinson, Director of Programs at the Foise School of Business
“Working with velocityHUB put us on the path of being a high performing team through improved executive level communications, but most importantly in execution.I was able to increase retention, move others along, reinforce key messages and at the end of the day make my senior leaders more competitive.

Our win rates have increased, our deals were better qualified, and our ROI on SG&A increased.

I know of 3 opportunities we won due to velocityHUB, and those deals alone created over a 100:1 ROI – I am confident there were more.”

Andy McCANN, Executive Director and GTM Leader, Dell

“velocityHUB is doing a great job with our Rapid Leadership Academy training…from our floor team leads all the way up through our executive leadership team.

velocityHUB quickly adapts their material to the issues that are relevant to our business and uses real life examples from their background to get their point across.

The feedback from our attendees has been outstanding.

We have leveraged velocityHUB’s presentations at The Rapid Group internally to inspire our teams.”

Tom PURSCH, Chief Operating Officer, The Rapid Group

“We brought velocityHUB & Brendan in to deliver our keynote address at our International Sales Meeting.

He did a great job and brought positive energy into the room, the team and the entire conference.

velocityHUB’s training materials were good and gave each of us a lot to think about.

Particularly old timers like me.”

Wayne MORRISON, General Manager, Amphenol

“The single best decision I have ever made as Managing Partner is bringing in velocityHUB.

I’m serious.

Our firm has grown more in the last 2 years then in the company’s first 28 years.

I took over as the Managing Partner of the firm 2 years ago and without Brendan & velocityHUB we would not be where we are today.”

Sal MUCCIO, Managing Partner, LitmanGerson Associates

“velocityHUB helped us establish a better environment.

They empowered our management team to make decisions that benefit the entire organization.

We have created a winning salesforce with a more responsive production team that improves our bottom line result by 10%.

velocityHUB made us a more customer-centric organization. I can’t thank you enough.”

Gerry ROTH, President, GM Roth

“Because of his engineering expertise and business prowess, we were honored to host Brendan as the Inaugural Distinguished Fellow in the Dartmouth MEM program.

He and velocityHUB have agreed to come again to share outstanding leadership skills with our engineering students as part of the Leadership Academy for Engineering Managers.

It’s one thing to be in the right place at the right time. It’s quite another to seize the moment. Brendan has done that not just one time, but many times in his exceptional career.”

Benoit CUSHMAN-ROISIN, Director, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College

“The velocityHUB presentations on leadership were absolutely wonderful for our student-athletes.

My student-athletes at Miami are still providing me with positive feedback. The velocityHUB team has a keen understanding of student-athletes and how they think.

Brendan and Amanda were able to not only engage them but assist them in creating personal and team leadership plans.

We plan to make these programs an annual event.”

Shirelle JACKSON, Director of Student-Athlete Development, University of Miami

“Our student-athletes receive a world-class education at Brown along with a premier sports program.

We felt that it is important to increase the leadership knowledge and capabilities of our student-athletes.

That way, they can compete more effectively on and off the field of play.

velocityHUB’s Victory Academy program represented the level of leadership commensurate with an Ivy League school.”

Jack HAYES, Athletic Director, Brown University

“We were embarking on an exciting time for the bank and for our clients.

Undergoing an acquisition, we were able to provide a broader set of services and new opportunities for our employees.

We partnered with velocityHUB to ensure we have a successful transition for our employees.

The experience velocityHUB brings relevant to these types of transactions is SECOND-to-NONE.”

Frank TEAS, President & CEO, The Nashua Bank

“We only employ associates that are the best of the best and work with them to deliver WORLD-CLASS, hands-on service.

When it came time to select a performance consulting company to be our partner, the bar was set very high; that’s why we chose velocityHUB.

Brendan’s personal track record and proven programs, consulting and coaching knowledge made it an easy choice.”

Randy FINE, President, Robert Fine & Associates

“I have been a very successful businessman for many years, achieving a number of national industry and service awards.

The velocityHUB team is enabling me to see new opportunities and maximize my results with those opportunities.

If you are looking for help “getting to the next level”- look no further.

Brendan and his team will deliver!”

Joe GUYTON, Principal, The Guyton Group

velocityHUB delivers a top-notch program. The feedback is unanimously positive. Nashua will be a stronger, more vibrant community because of velocityHUB’s impact on our future leaders. Brendan led a Board Retreat that was second to none, actively engaging our Board members in the discussion so they became owners of the plan, not just recipients of it. As a result, we’ve got a plan that will truly lead us forward and a Board that’s committed to its success.

Brendan Keegan is one of the most engaging, insightful leaders I’ve been privileged to work with.

Tracy HATCH, President & CEO, Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

“This has been an unprecedented donation of time, money and thought leadership from velocityHUB and the Foundation.

The Victory Academy is going to give Nashua PAL a chance to reach even more kids with positive messaging.

This will allow us to emphasize the importance of young leaders in our community and will pay great dividends for years to come.

The Foundation’s Charity Bowl is shaping up to be one of PAL’s largest fundraising events in our history.”

Shaun NELSON, Executive Director, Nashua Police Athletic League

“In many ways, this program was career changing.

I learned that many professionals end up with an accidental career.

The velocityHUB leadership program is innovative.

They helped us develop a plan to improve our leadership skills to have the careers we want.

velocityHUB’s engagement with the class covering a wide range of topics from creating a personal brand to management and executive presentations was truly OUTSTANDING.”

Zach DUPREY, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lending, The Provident Bank

“My relationship with velocityHUB has come full circle; it started when Brendan became a valued client.

I came to learn of the business transformations he led and the dramatic impact he was having on his client base.

I enrolled in the velocityHUB Power Program and walked away with a focused approach to driving significant business for our firm.

If you are serious about your career, want to earn more business and make more money, strap your seatbelt on and take a ride with velocityHUB.”

Nick PALUMBO, Managing Director, Opus Advisory Group

“Brendan and his velocityHUB training go above and beyond any previous training I’ve had in my career.

His curriculum has immediate impact on improving your professional development and communicating your value propositions.

velocityHUB’s Power Networking really gave me perspective on what is out there and how the power of using connections can ultimately help me win deals.

I was blown away by the skills I learned and these skills allow me to say what I want with so much less and be more effective & persuasive with my clients & peers in communicating my message.”

Michael LENTINE, Client Sales Executive, HP Enterprise Services

“HP has had over 200 Sales, Sales Support and Account Executives complete the Revenue Generating training course provided by velocityHUB.

The immediate feedback from the participants was overwhelming.

The focus was on each individual and improving their executive skill set.

The training was looked at as HP making a significant investment in the individuals’ career and personal growth.  It truly resonated among our team and really motivated the team.

The HP Leadership team saw an immediate change in performance.”

Arlene KLINE, Director, Sales Enablement, HP Enterprise Services

“I’ve known Brendan Keegan for years.

He is one of the most passionate, caring people I know.

He truly inspires people he works with.

I’ve seen many before their programs and after and they’re like two different people.

BPK has a sense of commitment and dedication to the people he coaches that is very rare in this industry.”

Steve TRAVAGLINI, President, Epic Wealth Strategies, LLC.

“velocityHUB was presented to us as a way to help teach, train and motivate some of our key employees and managers into becoming the best managers and leaders they can become.

And has it helped? ABSOLUTELY.

Each participant has grown through the academy. The one attribute I have seen that is very exciting is the understanding and acceptance that change is normal and often represents or signifies ensuing progress. This leadership training has been well worth the investment.”

Len MORRISSEY, Chief Financial Officer, Rapid Manufacturing Group

“Brendan Keegan is a dynamic speaker who understands the unique nuances of a growing firm like The Bulfinch Group.

He knows how to inspire associates to achieve their goals and aspirations.

His insights were extremely well received by our firm.

All in attendance felt he brought amazing energy, excitement, and valuable content to his presentation.”

Seth MEDALIE, President, The Bulfinch Group

“After utilizing velocityHUB’s Bootcamps for our Sales Executives and Account Executives development, we decided to consult velocityHUB regarding our own organization and transformation as it relates to efficiency and effectiveness.

Knowing our team members and having the right prior corporate experience allowed velocityHUB to really coach and advise us as we prepared for a challenging and ever-changing market in FY15.

velocityHUB has become a trusted partner and is regularly consulted by our leadership team and those resources in the field pursuing new business.”

Arlene KLINE, Director, Sales Enablement, HP Enterprise Services

“We are entering into our 3rd year working with velocityHUB. They have been coaching the executive team through transformational changes, unifying the team and focusing each team member on their role to ensure organizational success. While the intended role that velocityHUB plays is well defined, the individual priorities of each executive frequently change. velocityHUB has been extremely nimble & responsive to each leader’s needs, which has been paramount to the achievement of both individual and organization goals. They provide us with an objective perspective on the challenges we face and have been instrumental in getting us over the mental hurdles that prohibit organizations from achieving greatness.”

John GERACI, Co-Managing Partner, LitmanGerson Associates

“With such a diverse group of leaders, Brendan Keegan exceeded all expectations.

Over a 9-month period I can honestly say that their program has enriched my lift.

The Persuasive Influence workshop brought out how unclear my message was to prospective clients.

We discussed my process and the types of individuals that would work well with me.

Only after that I was able to work on my message and since then my close rate is up about 20%.”

Michael SOLARI, President, Solari Financial Planning

“Brendan Keegan imparted much wisdom that students could take with them as they move forward in their careers.

His experience working in different businesses focused on technology was relevant to MEM students.

His high energetic personality allowed him to easily connect at another level by encouraging students to find fulfillment by developing their own vision and brand.”

Celine HECKEL-JONES, Project Manager, Alarm.com

“As a manager in a fast growing company it can be difficult to take the time to step back and reflect on what you are doing to make sure you are on the right path.

velocityHUB allowed for that time of reflection with thought provoking ideas on how to better lead and manage my team.

This has undoubtedly made me a better manager and has prepared me to be even more successful as we continue to grow.”

Matt SORDILLO, Marketing Director, Rapid Manufacturing Group

“The training I received from velocityHUB really opened my eyes to actions I should be taking as an executive.

I was given a different perspective on where I should be focused in order to perform my responsibilities better and confidently.

The focus of the training also encouraged me to think about the steps I need to take to enhance my executive presence and value especially as I consider my future goals and objectives.”

Arlene KLINE, Director, Sales Enablement, HP Enterprise Services

“For HP to be a market leader, we must innovate. To prove innovation, we have to be in the market talking, acting, and demonstrating our innovation.

In our speakers bureau training, we focused intensely on driving our thought leadership through the communications of our most senior leaders.

This is an imperative program and I truly enjoyed my entire day. The instructor understood HP, public sector, communications, and personalized the session for each individual in the room.”

Patricia TRACEY, Segment Leader, Hewlett-Packard

“velocityHUB wasted no time responding to our urgent need for assistance preparing for one of the most important wins.

The highly visible deal was critical to further penetrating the client’s enterprise but demonstrated to our company that in fact we were well qualified and positioned to win critical opportunities such as this.

velocityHUB mobilized faster than our own team was able to and was the Champion that led this team to one of the most important wins.”

Andy McCANN, Executive Director and GTM Leader, Dell

“As a female executive, I felt that my lack of training and experience in presenting and communicating to large audiences was holding me back.

Working with Brendan has changed all that.

He helped me develop and practice those skills with a style that was comfortable and tailored to me.

It has been a tremendous help in my career and made me a better Sales Leader for HP.”

Cathy McGRANE, Area Sales Leader, HP Enterprise Services

“The Leadership Academy at velocityHUB produces results.

Almost immediately our management team began to fine-tune the way we work.

To put it simply, the program is a catalyst that will propel our company to the next level of growth and success.”

Joe ROBINSON, Regional Sales Manager, The Rapid Group

“The velocityHUB program was invigorating, inspiring and led to a revelation about myself.

Now I realize that I am an executive and I have a responsibility to create my own brand.

It was great to see how quickly and easily I could enhance my network and broaden my opportunities for success.”

Randy HANNER, EIG Capture Director, Hewlett-Packard

“I had the opportunity to work with Brendan on one of the turnarounds he led and have since led a turn around myself.

His catalyst approach worked very well, but it was his leadership, “Courage” and “Faith” that allowed for success.

It was a privilege to work with and for him.”

Craig COELHO, Director, SESC

“Brendan has been our go-to guy on our toughest and most challenging assignments.

His willingness to step in and step up no matter when and where has been very impressive.

Regardless of how tricky the situations are that he has been inserted into, his professionalism focused on achieving the outcomes we need by looking forward versus backward has been extremely valuable and appreciated.

When we call Brendan, we know he will bring his ‘A game’ every time to every situation.”

Bruce JONAS, Capture Director, Hewlett-Packard

“As mid-level managers, our police officers are being asked to shift their leadership skills away from supervising individuals and focus on the long-term success of the entire organization.

velocityHUB bridges that gap between law enforcement and the management of a multi-million-dollar police agency.

These leadership skills will ensure that the Nashua Police Department will continue to earn the public trust, display our professionalism and develop partnerships in accordance with our mission.”

Michael CARIGNAN, Deputy Chief of Police, Nashua Police Department

“The velocityHUB Leadership Academy was a great experience!

Learning about people and effective management techniques from Brendan was an experience that has helped me excel in my job.

My department is more effective and has improved in the following areas:
communication, project planning,
public speaking, email formatting
and developing company culture.

It has been a great time.”

Steve LYNCH, Director of Technology, The Rapid Group

“Your presentation was truly inspiring.

I know that everyone really enjoyed it.

We appreciate you taking the time to come meet with us.

I was so motivated that I went and accepted the internship afterwards!”

Gabriella DaGAMA, Project Engineer, BCCI

“velocityHUB leadership training has dramatically changed the way I do my day to day work. The academy was exceptional!

I was impressed by the intellectually stimulating curriculum and the outstanding staff.

The program helped me take a step back and take a 360-degree overview of my leadership style.”

Dave ZIMMERLE, Manager of Customer Service & Inside Sales, RAPID

“velocityHUB was just fantastic.

It gave me a different perspective on leadership skills and the importance of your personal brand, what that means, and how impactful that is.

The program placed an emphasis on really planning and networking and looking toward your future and your vision.”

Maria DAMJAN, Client Sales Executive, HP Enterprise Services

“We are thankful to the State of New Hampshire for supporting our company’s training program that will be executed by velocityHUB. Our continued growth is contingent upon developing our company’s ability to identify and execute both a strong vision for our future and a strong culture that aligns all of our business leaders and managers under a united set of values. Our entire executive, senior and junior management team will participate in training, gaining valuable skills that will help them in their jobs and assist them in being better leaders throughout every level of our workplace.”

Dan VILLEMAIRE, President, C&M Machine Products