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Growth is magic. It makes it easier to fund new investments, attract great talent, and acquire assets.


Results DRIVEn Approach

Our only focus is to DRIVE real, tangible results for our clients. All of our consulting services are based on our proven velocityDRIVE Methodology. And our velocityDRIVE Methodology is fueled by battle-tested strategy, sales & marketing, and profitability & human capital methodologies that investors have backed with nearly $1.0 Billion of capital and received $2.2 Billion back with tremendous recognition. Why? Because we get results.


velocityICE Methodology

Strategy is setting the direction for an organization to achieve its goals while engaging employees, serving clients and returning a profit for shareholders.

The velocityICE Methodology for business strategy drives strategic results:

  • Develop a roadmap your firm can follow
  • Maximize your company’s potential
  • Achieve your stated imperatives & goals
  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Attract, engage & retain top talent
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Identify potential threats and gaps

The velocityICE Methodology offers a proven approach to building world-class strategies:

  • Intent – Develop a long-term vision, set of core values and launch short-term imperatives prioritized by level of impact
  • Course – Develop a sustainable, scalable and live business plan detailing your target markets, services & products, go-to-market approach and the resources required.
  • Execution – Develop a tactical action plan developed and battle-tested to drive measurable, real, tangible results.

Sales & Marketing

Sales is the revenue generation engine to achieve growth goals that fuel the company’s acquisition of clients, prospects and markets through organic and inorganic approaches.

The velocityRADAR & velocityPACE Methodologies for marketing and sales drives revenue generation results:

  • Identify the optimal clients, prospects and markets to pursue
  • Align your sales & marketing teams to drive revenue
  • Develop a tactical marketing plan that drives leads, prospects and access
  • Instill a disciplined sales approach to effectively deploy resources
  • Engage your clients and prospects in a much more effective and differentiated way

The velocityRADAR Methodology for marketing offers a proven approach for acquiring leads & new prospects and gaining access to new markets.

  • Research – Identify key market trends, competitors and buying behaviors
  • Approach – Define your competitive approach to the market
  • Development – Develop your messages, collateral, campaigns and processes
  • Actions – Drive the revenue generation process toward acquisition of revenue
  • Results – Acquire leads, new prospects and gain access to markets

The velocityHUB PACE Methodology for selling is a scientific approach to winning new business that leverages a proven, 4-phase sales process for managing a healthy sales pipeline.

  • Plot – Build your territory plan, prospecting strategies and develop an effective pipeline to fuel your sales
  • Act – Accelerate the engagement and conversation with your clients, prospects and new markets in a differentiated way
  • Connect – Position yourself with competitive, compelling and clear value propositions & proposals that position you to win opportunities
  • Earn – Win new business, negotiate effectively and earn your way to hitting your number

Revenue Generation Success

G. M. Roth is one of the most respected Design/Build Remodeling companies across New England. The company was known for their quality, attention to detail and is recognized annually with numerous industry awards. As the economy began to slow, GM Roth’s business plateaued and after a few years of flat growth, the company was looking to try new things.

Project velocityRADAR & velocityPACE kicked off with the business challenge being DEFINED as “stalled sales.” We spent some time researching the industry to determine if there were similar companies that had bucked the economy and were growing. We were able to track some new initiatives in the industry that would propel GM Roth further. As we entered our REFINE phase, we determined that the largest component of re-fueling the sales engine was the need for new leadership.

We also concluded that it would be best if the new leader came from outside the industry and brought a non-construction perspective. Our last REFINE finding was that as the company prepared for growth, it needed to increase the leadership capacity of the firm across all business functions.

Project velocityRADAR & velocityPACE were focused on instilling leadership in every way imaginable to throttle the revenue engine of the company.

  • Assessed All Leaders Across the Company
  • Developed a Leadership Team Cadence
  • Hired an External Sales Leader from Outside the Industry
  • Re-aligned the Sales Team by Business Line
  • Developed Performance Management Metrics for All Roles
  • Implemented New Lead Generation Program
  • Clearly Identified All Roles & Responsibilities

velocityRADAR & velocityPACE Results



Bringing a company or organization back to profitability is largely the result of looking strategically at the components of the organization and setting a plan in place to turnaround the organization, stay ahead in today’s environment, and fully optimize the workforce of the future.

The velocityACE Methodology for Profitability drives transformational results:

  • Attract, retain and motivate top talent to your company
  • Develop from front line managers & emerging leaders to top executives
  • Align your assets – people, processes and technology
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Establish common priorities, workstreams and projects
  • Grow revenue and increasing sales performance
  • Drive the right leadership focus
  • Establish a viable financial model and increase financial improvement
  • Create a restructuring plan
  • Turn a company around

The velocityACE Methodology is a collaborative approach that requires a committed leader, a strong team, access to diverse information, strategic thinking, tactical execution, clear communications and a willingness to change.

The process starts with establishing a strategic direction for the company and ends with new ways of working to change behaviors and norms across a company. The process will examine all facets of business & people – from clients to employees to products and financials.

Each phase is time sequenced to push your team out of their comfort zone while allowing team members the necessary time to properly manage the velocityACE methodology.


When our individual clients need assistance on a specific business topic, leadership skill or attribute that requires either additional experience or an external perspective we offer our coaching experience. Delivered in hourly, multi-hour, half-day and full-day sessions, our coaching programs afford our individual clients the opportunity to receive outside assessments, opinions and advice that advance the individual client’s opportunity to succeed.

velocityHUB has delivered coaching to hundreds of individuals, sales leaders, business leaders, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Sales Officers and Board of Director members.

If you are looking to sharpen your skills or have a challenge in front of you that needs some specific attention, then let’s schedule a coaching session and get started.











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