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Get Your Year off to a Fast Start with Velocity

Corporate Meetings, Kickoffs, Workshops & Retreats Development. 2018 Engineered.

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of Executive Teams Spend Less Than One Hour Per Month Discussing Strategy.
of Employees are Not Engaged at Work.
Increase in Productivity with Connected Employees.

Kick Your Year into Gear

Companies of all shapes and sizes plan kickoff meetings to launch a new year. Each of their objectives are different, but one thing that aligns them all—they want to start their year off strong. In these meetings, companies will bring a subset of a company or a whole company into a single location—preferably offsite, but it does not have to be—for up to 2 full days. Generally, the kickoff leader will welcome the team to a new year, reflect on the previous, and look forward to the next. While this meeting may see simple, it can actually be a complex & dynamic process of development, iteration, input, interview & planning. Getting the leadership team, the employees and/or board members aligned heading into the new year is an important initiative, and should not be taken lightly.

The Compelling Reasons to Hold Kickoff & Strategic Meetings

  • Get your year started in the right direction
  • Develop strategic plans for a company or business unit
  • Align your teams towards individual & organizational goals
  • Engage teams in the strategic & planning process
  • Solve individual & team conflict
  • Build tactical action plans with accountability, status check-ins & results
  • Drive investment & performance
  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Improve internal & external communication
  • Build new products & services
  • Establish team or company roles
  • Make team & company decisions
  • Develop & encourage creativity
  • Solve disputes & mediate tensions
  • Drive healthy competition
  • Get remote groups together
  • Have some fun

Corporate Kickoff Meeting Considerations for Success

  • Purpose & Top Objectives
  • Highlights from Previous Year
  • Lowlights from Previous
  • Reflection, Changes & Action
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Problems to Solve
  • Business Development Opportunities
  • Product & Service Lines
  • Budgets, Projections & Plans
  • Next Actions & Deliverables
  • Logistics & Participants

What a Corporate Kickoff, Offsite Meeting or Retreat Does For You

At the end of the day, it’s about results. Below are some outcomes that you get as a result of your corporate kickoff meeting.

  • Motivation about the year ahead
  • Strategic plan that you can execute
  • Goals & expectations that you can hold your team accountable for
  • Team engagement & investment
  • Team ways of working
  • Tactical action plans
  • Product & services launch
  • Role descriptions & understanding
  • Next steps on company & team decisions
  • Creative development
  • Memorable experience for teams

Leverage the Expertise of velocityHUB to Reap the Benefits

The velocityHUB consultants & facilitators are experts at group engagement and developing workshops & retreats to achieve objectives and deliver results for your company or organization. What makes velocityHUB unique is the consultative & collaborative approach we take to understand your company & objectives, and create a custom kickoff meeting that is a strong reflection of you and the direction of the company.

  • Client Roster Spanning Fortune 100 to Entrepreneurial Startups
  • Experienced in Working with Over 15 Broad Industries
  • First-Hand Experience in Business & Nonprofits
  • Team of Practiced & Diverse Facilitators
  • Custom Content for Your Unique Objectives
  • Creative, Fun & Engaging
  • Save You Time & Energy so That You Can Focus on the Business

How We Work with YOU, Our Clients

  1. Purpose & Mission
    • Our first step in retreat & workshop development is to identify & refine the purpose and mission. Generally, the purpose & mission falls within three categories: Strategy, Teamwork, Performance
    • We work collaboratively with you to identify your unique purpose & mission.
  2. Content Development
    • Once we have a clear purpose & mission, we can begin to develop custom content to fit the objectives of the event. This includes an agenda & goals, custom content, exercises & engagement, and outcomes & results. velocityHUB prides itself on high-quality & impactful event content.
  3. Event Logistics
    • The event logistics will largely be assembled by your team based on the specific needs & resources you have available. velocityHUB is available every step of the way to provide input & guidance. The event logistics are a big part of the organization of the entire event and the achievement of objectives.
      • Location & Travel
      • Date & Time
      • Details
  4. Champion Lock
    • When the content has been developed, we will review with you to confirm that it meets your expectations and make any necessary changes. You, as the champion, will have the final lock.
  5. Outcomes & Results
    • On the day of your event, you can count on the velocityHUB professionalism, facilitation & execution to deliver the outcomes & results you are looking for. Custom deliverables will be developed post-event to ensure you get everything out of your event.

Retreat Examples

Download the Retreats Example below to learn more about the process and agenda used for previous clients:

  • Corporate Retreat – Workshop Theme
  • Executive Retreat – Strategic Thinking
  • Board Retreat – Board Alignment
Download Retreat Examples
Click Here to Download a Free Team Exercises PDF