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Revenue is more science than art. Winning sales teams are driven by disciplined Processes, Plans, Tools, Training & Actions.

Is your sales team more Science or Art?

6 Gear of Driving Revenue


It is 6 Times More Expensive to Acquire a New Customer Than it is to Keep a Current One


Meet Customer Expectations


Be a Trusted Advisor


Anticipate Client Needs


Offer a Pleasant Experience


Keep Customers Informed


Build a Team That Delivers

On average, loyal clients are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.

70% of people will spend money with companies that provide excellent service.


80% of Sales are Made on the Fifth to Twelfth Contact


Target the Right


Understand Their Challenges


Ask Meaningful Questions


Refrain from “Selling”


Be Clear, Be Brief, Be Understood


Be Responsive & Take Action

78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.

35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

It takes 10 months or more for a new sales rep to be fully productive.


Increasing Employee Engagement Investments by 10% Can Increase Profits by $2,400 per Employee, per Year


Hire People That are Client & Values Driven


Train & Up-Skill Your Employees


Share Data, Knowledge and Lessons


Align Strategy, Goals, Employees & Incentives


Provide 40 Hours of Training per Year


Create a Strong Culture

Companies with Satisfied Employees Outperform the Competition by 20%.

Employee Engagement Increases Operating Income by 19%.

$11 Billion is Lost Annually Due to Poor Employee Turnover.


80% of the Products and Services Being Consumed Today are Different From Those That Were Being Consumed Five Years Ago

First ask yourself what your clients’ top 5 challenges are. If you can answer this quickly and confidently, you are servicing your clients well. If you struggle and wrestle with answering this question, then you may not be fully servicing your clients. Remember, the #1 way to drive revenue is through maintaining and growing your existing clients.
Do prospects want to buy the service or product that you are offering? There have been plenty of businesses that have pushed out an idea that they thought people would want, but it turned out that others did not care much for it. Be willing to accept if a product is simply not marketable and also accept if you need to be paying even more attention to a particular service.
So much goes into selling correctly.  Are you pricing your offering too high or too low?  Are you selling your offering through the correct channel?  Are you marketing your offering correctly? There is no silver-bullet answer to these questions but through proper planning, competitive analysis, a disciplined sales approach and market testing you can be much closer to being successful.  Don’t worry, no one gets it right the first time.
The toughest business function to figure out is sales. Why?  Because there are so many variables.  Is your sales team good?  Are they competitive?  Do they know how to sell our offering?  Tough questions, but there is a clear path to answering these.  You need to have a well trained sales team that is aligned with your vision and strategy that is led though a disciplined sales process.


The Right Infrastructure Will Make Your Good Sales Professionals Great, and Your Great Ones Elite

For a sales professional to be successful, they require a tremendous amount of support from around your company. Marketing personnel need to point sales in the right direction, sales leaders need to manage the revenue funnel, finance needs to provide proper governance and delivery needs to create a great client experience. This isn’t easy. But the real challenge is this – are all these people aligned in their support of the lone sales professional on the line trying to make it happen?
The second key component of your revenue infrastructure is having the right processes in place with people clearly knowing their role.  Most organizations have defined processes, however, rarely are they leveraged properly, aligned across business functions or clearly defined as to who is doing what. Implementing the right processes with the right people in the right roles is challenging.
The third and last component is supporting your people and processes with competitive tools, templates, technology, systems and training to effectively win in the marketplace. The world is becoming more competitive every day and your sales professionals need to be armed with the weapons that will make their jobs efficient and their time well spent on high-return activities that drive growth for your business.


Job Turnover at an Organization with a High Focus on Company Culture is 13%, but 48% in Companies with a Low Focus


Align With & Reinforce a Vision


Make Everyone Feel Involved


Set Expectations to Succeed


Celebrate Success


Outperform competition by 20%


12% more productive and engaged


19% increase in operating income