Global Leader in the Aerosol Valve & Actuator Industry Recruits velocityHUB to Facilitate Yearly Retreat

MANCHESTER, NH – velocityHUB, a leading provider of business consulting and professional training services, joined forces with Summit Packaging Systems, a global force in the aerosol valve & actuator industry, to develop & facilitate their annual sales meeting in Manchester, NH this September.

velocityHUB will facilitate a day-long, large-group workshop with 80 of the company’s leaders from their international locations in the United States, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Argentina, and Poland. The workshop was developed to achieve company objectives of communication & team engagement and will have the theme of the Summit Packaging Systems 2017 Olympics. Dave Silk from the 1980 USA gold medal men’s hockey team will be announcing the winners at the event.

_______________ of Summit Packaging Systems pioneered this initiative for his Leadership team, saying, “We meet with all our company leaders once a year at our corporate headquarters here in Manchester. We always try to make these annual retreats very fun and engaging, and by having the team at velocityHUB partnering with us we’ll be able to incorporate fun alongside vital leadership training for our team. We are really looking forward to this year’s event.”

Amanda E. Rogers, Partner at velocityHUB said, “Working with Summit has been a fantastic experience, and we’ve really enjoyed being able to help plan and execute this year’s sales meeting. The team is an impressive group of customer-focused leaders, and we are excited to help them achieve their objectives for the coming year.”

About Summit Packaging Systems

Summit Packaging Systems is the major force in the aerosol valve marketplace today, offering a full line of high quality, low-cost vertical action valves, tilt action valves, female valves, metered valves, and bag-on-valves. Summit Packaging Systems is a global company and have manufacturing facilities in the United States, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Argentina, and Poland. They also service many large name brand clients including Unilever and S.C. Johnson.

About velocityHUB

velocityHUB’s vision is to build one million leaders by delivering results-oriented training programs, high-value consulting and targeted executive coaching. velocityHUB has developed 110,000 leaders in 14 diverse industries. The velocityHUB clients range in size from 350,000 employees to one-person sole proprietorships and are publically traded market leaders, private businesses, family-owned businesses, venture-backed startups, associations, nonprofits and academic institutions.

Learn more about velocityHUB at www.velocityhub.com

Contact:  Evan C. Manley | 603.402.1705 | evan@velocityhub.com

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