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Brendan P. KEEGAN

Brendan P. Keegan is Managing Partner of velocityHUB. He is a 4-time turnaround CEO of large, private equity backed companies and served as the Fortune 100’s youngest Chief Sales Officer for EDS, a $22 billion technology industry leader. Brendan has raised nearly a billion dollars in capital and returned twice the industry average to investors through successful exit strategies. He has led over 25,000 people in 150 countries and driven sales teams to over $100 billion in sales. Brendan was named a Distinguished Fellow by Dartmouth College for his contribution to the engineering field, a successful entrepreneur by FastCompany, Volunteer of the Year and Coach of the Year for his commitment to community service. Brendan is a sought-after speaker by companies across the globe on leadership, sales and performance. Brendan received his bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his masters degree from The George Washington University. He serves on corporate and non-profit boards as well as Chairman of the Keegan Courage & Faith Foundation.


In 2010, Brendan founded velocityHUB a leadership consulting and training firm, based on his personal vision statement – “to inspire leadership by providing strength & courage to make dreams possible through service to others.” velocityHUB serves as consultants, trainers and executive coaches to some of the world’s leading companies, universities and entrepreneurial, growth-oriented companies.

Prior to velocityHUB, Brendan spent twelve years as a turnaround President & CEO of old-world companies with the focus of ushering these companies into the new world by transforming leadership, re-fueling sales and driving company culture. As President & CEO, Worldwide TechServices (WWTS) he led over 10,000 employees and contractors from the brink of bankruptcy to industry leadership culminating in double-digit profits and recognition for outstanding service by clients such as Dell, IBM, HP, Sony and Lexmark. Prior to WWTS, Brendan served as President, BancTec ITO where he once again took over an unprofitable and fledging, service-challenged business. He was able to re-establish the company as a profitable industry leader and raised over $375M of capital for a corporate buy-out and divestiture. As President, Emerging Markets for Seven Worldwide, his leadership led to a successful exit doubling the company’s enterprise value. Brendan was the catalyst and energy behind several high-growth businesses serving as President and CEO, Revenue Edge Ventures; President and CEO, Bravanta and Senior Vice President & Chief Sales Officer, Netigy.

Prior to his turnaround work, Brendan began his career at EDS as an engineer. He then rose through the sales ranks and was later named the first Chief Sales Officer in the company and the youngest CSO in the Fortune 100. As a sales professional, Brendan sold over $3 billion of revenue and led a 1,200-person sales team to over $100 billion in sales.

Brendan is a speaker, author and community leader. He has authored dozens of articles and been published in global publications including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fast Company and InformationWeek. Brendan serves on corporate boards to include Revolution Armor, Olaeris, velocityHUB and WorkForce Extended. Brendan is active in his community, where he serves as an advisor, board member and coach to a number of youth academics, athletics and political organizations. Brendan and his wife Dana founded the Keegan Courage & Faith Foundation and contribute up to 2% of all portfolio company revenue.

Contact – brendan@velocityhub.com – (603) 402-1701

“Have the COURAGE to fail, and the FAITH to succeed.”