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Nurse Manager Leadership Training

Drive professionalism & leadership in your teams. Enroll your emerging professionals in velocityHUB’s professional training academy.

Prepare Your Team for Professional Success



  1. 4 Interactive Sessions
  2. 4 Leadership Playbooks
  3. Leadership Certificate
  4. 16 Hours of CEU Eligible Training
  5. Affordable & Reimbursable
  6. Fortune 100 – Executive Level Training
  7. Access to velocityEDGE Productivity Suite of Tools & Tips


  1. Develop Leader Confidence
  2. Learn People Management
  3. Lead Teams & Tasks
  4. Drive Efficiency & Effectiveness
  5. Gain Presentation Skills
  6. Perform at a High Level
  7. Achieve Results


Location: 4 Water Street, Nashua, NH 03060

  1. Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 – 7:30 am to 11:30 am
  2. Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 – 7:30 am to 11:30 am
  3. Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 – 7:30 am to 11:30 am
  4. Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 – 7:30 am to 11:30 am

Price: $800 Per Participant


Kickoff & Session 1 –
Leading Nurses to Drive Team Results – High Performance Leadership & Employee Management

  • Understand Leadership Theories & Styles
  • Establish Your Leadership Style
  • Understand the velocityHUB People Management Model
  • Manage People Through the Employee Lifecycle
  • Develop & Engage People to Perform & Retain
  • Coaching & Mentoring Individuals

Session 2 – Managing Team Collaboration in a Dynamic Environment – Task & Project Management

  • Managing the Tasks & Projects of Teams Effectively to Save Time, Energy & Resources
  • Understand the velocityHUB Task Management Model
  • Follow a Process for Task Management
  • Identifying Challenges, Developing & Executing a Plan
  • Understand the velocityHUB Task Management Model
  • Manage Chaos, Conflict & Confusion

Session 3 – Communicating to Influence Action –
Executive Speaking

  • Identify the Needs of an Audience & Develop Speaker Style
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Effective Verbal Communications
  • Engage Team Members and Enthuse Them
  • Organize Your Perspective in a Clear & Concise Manner
  • Leverage Your Body, Eyes & Voice
  • Use the Proper Mechanics to Convey a Message

Session 4 – Developing Efficiencies & Productivity in Leadership Roles – Personal Productivity Management

  • Balance the Needs of a Team & Personal Work Load
  • UUnderstand How to Manage a To-Do List & Get Stuff Done
  • Understand How to Manage Email & Not Let It Run You
  • Organize Your Digital Workspace for Efficiency
  • Organize Your Office Workspace for Efficiency

About Your Coach:
Amanda E. Rogers
Partner, velocityHUB

Amanda E. Rogers is a Partner at velocityHUB, where she and her team serve as consultants, trainers and executive coaches to some of the world’s leading companies, universities and entrepreneurial, growth-oriented businesses. Amanda serves as the Director of Partnerships, velocityHUB’s franchise opportunity. She is the account executive for technology, manufacturing and professional services clients. Amanda is the Co-Founder of velocityHUB’s Victory Academy, a series of leadership development programs specifically focused on maximizing the potential of the emerging generation for college students and millennials. Amanda serves as a leadership coach to thousands of young professionals, college students and student-athletes at some of the country’s most prestigious schools and companies. She was named Young Professional of the Year in 2016.

“I have been a very successful businessman for many years, achieving a number of national industry and service awards. The velocityHUB team is enabling me to see new opportunities and delivering the tools I need to maximize my results with those opportunities. If you are looking for help “getting to the next level”- look no further – Brendan and his team will deliver!”

Joe Guyton, Principal, The Guyton Group

“We are entering into our 3rd year working with Velocity. They have been coaching the executive team through transformational changes, unifying the team and focusing each team member on their role to ensure organizational success. While the intended role that Velocity plays is well defined, the individual priorities of each executive frequently change. Velocity has been extremely nimble & responsive to each leader’s needs, which has been paramount to the achievement of both individual and organization goals. They provide us with an objective perspective on the challenges we face and have been instrumental in getting us over the mental hurdles that prohibit organizations from achieving greatness.”

John Geraci, Co-Managing Partner, LitmanGerson Associates

“We were embarking on an exciting time for the bank and for our clients.

Undergoing an acquisition, we were able to provide a broader set of services and new opportunities for our employees.

We partnered with Velocity to ensure we have a successful transition for our employees.

The experience Velocity brings relevant to these types of transactions is SECOND-to-NONE.

Frank Teas, President & CEO, The Nashua Bank

“My relationship with velocityHUB has come full circle; it started when Brendan became a valued client. I came to learn of the business transformations he led and the dramatic impact he was having on his client base. I enrolled in the velocityHUB  Power Program and walked away with a focused approach to driving significant business for our firm. If you are serious about your career, want to earn more business and make more money, strap your seatbelt on and take a ride with velocityHUB.

Nick Palumbo, Managing Director, Opus Advisory Group, LLC

“We are passionately focused on delivering outstanding service to our clients in every aspect of their financial life. We only employ associates that are the best of the best and work with them to deliver world-class, hands-on service. When it came time to select a performance consulting company to be our partner, the bar was set very high; that’s why we chose velocityHUB . Brendan’s personal track record and proven programs, consulting and coaching knowledge made it an easy choice.”

Randy Fine, President, Robert Fine & Associates

“I’ve known Brendan Keegan for years, he is one of the most passionate, caring people I know. He truly inspires people he works with. I’ve seen many before their programs and after and they’re like two different people. BPK has a sense of commitment and dedication to the people he coaches that is very rare in this industry.”        

Steve Travaglini, President & CPA, EPIC Wealth Strategies, LLC

“In many ways, this program was career changing.

I learned that many professionals end up with an accidental career. The velocityHUB leadership program is innovative. They helped us develop a plan to improve our leadership skills to have the careers we want.

Velocity’s engagement with the class covering a wide range of topics from creating a personal brand to management and executive presentations was truly OUTSTANDING.

Zach Duprey, Assistant Vice President, The Provident Bank

“Brendan Keegan is a dynamic speaker who understands the unique nuances of a growing firm like The Bulfinch Group.

He knows how to inspire associates to achieve their goals and aspirations.

His insights were extremely well received by our firm.

All in attendance felt he brought amazing energy, excitement, and valuable content to his presentation.

Seth Medalie, President, The Bulfinch Group

“With such a diverse group of leaders, Brendan Keegan exceeded all expectations.

Over a 9-month period I can honestly say that their program has enriched my lift. The Persuasive Influence workshop brought out how unclear my message was to prospective clients.

We discussed my process and the types of individuals that would work well with me.

Only after that I was able to work on my message and since then my close rate is up about 20%.

Michael Solari, President, Solari Financial Planning