Using Apps to Improve Productivity

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How you use those hours is what determines how productive or successful you’ll be. Normally we have a smart phone or a tablet on us at all times, so by utilizing apps will help keep you organized and even more productive.

We’ve outlined a few apps that we find really useful, here is the list below.


To Do List Management


  • https://asana.com
  • Free to use, also includes a paid version with more features
  • Asana is a web and mobile app designed to help teams track their work. It allows users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. With this app you can assign tasks to teammates with deadlines working on a project with your colleagues. You can also communicate directly in Asana with your colleagues by utilizing the comments section in all of your tasks.


  • https://en.todoist.com
  • Free to use, also includes a paid version with more features
  • Todoist is a project management application for personal and professional productivity. You can access Todoist from multiple devices such as; web browser, mobile application, as well as Apple Watch app. It allows users to manage their tasks from the web and mobile devices. Todoist remembers deadlines and builds habits with recurring due dates based on your past activity. You can also measure your daily progress on a graph of how many tasks you complete per day.


File Sharing / Organization


  • https://www.dropbox.com
  • Free up to 2GB of storage, paid version allows for more storage options
  • Dropbox allows you to store all of you documents in the cloud. This allows you to have easy access to all of them on every one of your devices. So if you’re working on a document on your laptop and save it to Dropbox you can access it on your phone or tablet to make changes. You also have the option to use Dropbox for Business so you can collaborate easily with your team to work on a project.




  • https://evernote.com
  • Free to use, also includes a paid version with more features
  • Evernote is an app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. The app allows a user to create a note which can be text, a full webpage, excerpt, photograph, voice memo, or a handwritten note. There is a lot of flexibility with this app. Plus, you can also categorize all of your notes into separate notebooks for easy filing.


  • http://gingerlabs.com
  • Free to use, no paid version
  • Combines handwriting, photographs, voice memos, and typing in a single note. There are also a lot of different options for writing styles. This application is great to use while in a meeting where you can writing using a stylus (such as the Apple Pencil) to write notes like you would on a normal notebook.
  • Also markup photos and PDFs easily



Spark Email

  • https://sparkmailapp.com
  • Free to use, no paid version
  • Spark Email allows you to have your email on your computer as well as mobile devices. This email application automatically organized your emails in their “smart mailbox” by personal, notifications, newsletters, and pinned. This way you can easily see what emails are most important. Plus, you can snooze emails so you remember to response to them later.

Have an app that you use that you love? Let us know! Post your app in the comments below.

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