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Brendan P. KeeganWelcome to velocityHUB and I am thrilled you found us. My name is Brendan P. Keegan, and I am genuinely excited to begin a conversation with you on perhaps the single greatest opportunity you will have during your lifetime. The opportunity is leadership. It’s not a fad, it’s not a trend—it is a long-term sustainable game-changer for those who choose to accept it.

Throughout my 25-year professional journey, I have been fortunate to lead over 25,000 of the brightest women and men in over 150 countries. Investors have trusted me with nearly $1 billion in capital to build and turnaround their companies. And I have had the opportunity to grow revenue streams and develop over $100 billion of business with incredible clients globally. I have learned so many business and life lessons through the school of hard knocks, through successes and failures, through hard work and teamwork. But the single biggest lesson I have ever learned I want to share with you personally:

The difference between good employees and great employees, between average performance and high performance, between winning and losing, can be summed up in one single word – leadership.

When I started velocityHUB, it was simply to help people see the leader in themselves and accelerate their leadership. Our Vision is to: “Build One Million Leaders to drive leadership, sales and performance”. velocityHUB’s vision really was just an extension of my personal vision I had carried around in my wallet for over two decades: “To inspire leadership by providing strength & courage to make dreams possible through service to others.”

If you believe leadership is for you then please read the 6 Reasons Why building One Million Leaders is so important below. If you’re not sure if leadership is for you, then I not only encourage you to read the 6 Reasons Why, but I implore and urge you to…it may just change your thinking.

The 6 Reasons Why velocityHUB exists to build One Million Leaders.

  • Reason 1: The Leadership Void
    • In the US alone, 4 million workers will retire this year taking nearly 150 million years of experience out of the workforce. Think about it, that’s 10,000 workers retiring today at 5:00 pm. This is creating the greatest leadership void in history.
  • Reason 2: The Greatest Opportunity
    • CEOs and Executives are terrified of reason 1. To run a successful business, whether a Fortune 100 company or a thriving small business, strong leaders are required. The leadership void has created the greatest opportunity of the past 50 years for individuals to accelerate their careers.
  • Reason 3: Leaders are Made
    • Leaders are made not born – don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Leadership is not a birthright nor is it passed on from parents to kids based on last name. Leadership is a daily decision. If you decide you want to be a leader, then you can become one.
  • Reason 4: Leadership is the Differentiator
    • Everyone is looking for their differentiator, for something that makes them special and unique. Leadership is the differentiator you’ve been looking for. Once you have embraced the leader in you, so many doors will open and opportunities will come forward.
  • Reason 5: Leadership is a Gift
    • There’s no doubt leadership is hard work. But being a leader is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. Once you have committed to leadership and driven a team to achieve something awesome, you will know what I mean. Leadership is a gift that will allow you to pursue your dreams and to create dreams for others as well.
  • Reason 6: The Multiplier Effect
    • We all wish we could multiply time, but we can’t. However, you have the opportunity to multiply your impact every day by being a leader. When you instill and inspire leadership in others, you are creating multiple waves of success that ripple out and impact the greater world. Accepting the role of leader truly allows you to multiply your impact and success.

Every leader has his or her defining leadership moment. I didn’t know my defining moment was my moment for many, many years until I was asked. My moment was pretty basic – my youth football coach asked, “Who wants to be a captain?” I jumped to the middle of the circle to lead drills and in that moment, on a suburban football field in Nashua, New Hampshire, I accepted the gift & responsibility of leadership. It was fun, I loved the energy it gave me, I enjoyed cheering on my friends with a new voice and I relished in the additional responsibilities my coach bestowed on me. I found my passion.

This passion drove me to the top of the career pyramid as President & CEO of 4 private-equity backed companies. But a few years ago, I began to feel constrained. My “multiplier” was limited to the number of employees in the company I was leading. My vision and my passion were pointing me to do more. So I founded velocityHUB to uncap the amount of people I could reach in the world and help them achieve their dreams through the gift of leadership. Every morning I wake up ready and excited to build the next leader, to fill the void, to give a gift and to multiply leadership. And every night, I go to bed anxiously anticipating the morning to have the opportunity to build leaders all over again.

So let me ask, what’s your leadership moment?

Welcome to velocityHUB. Welcome to Leadership. Together we can build your leadership & multiply your impact.


Brendan P. Keegan