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As a business owner, leader or executive at your company, you have company meetings & events. You may find that your meetings & events need to be more impactful, need to achieve objectives, or need to solve challenges. Leading companies look to velocityHUB for retreat & workshop development and facilitation services for corporate events, strategic meetings, and more. The velocityHUB consultants & facilitators are experts at group engagement and developing workshops & retreats to achieve objectives and deliver results for your company or organization.

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velocityHUB Workshop & Retreat Development Process


01. Purpose & Mission

Our first step in retreat & workshop development is to identify & refine the purpose and mission. Generally, the purpose & mission falls within three categories:

  • Strategy
      Strategic Initiatives, Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, Organization Structure
  • Teamwork
      Team Building, Collaboration, Team Cohesion, Team Engagement, How We Work
  • Performance
      Professional Development, Communication, Conflict Management, Sales Development

We work collaboratively with you to identify your unique purpose & mission.

02. Content Development

Once we have a clear purpose & mission, we can
begin to develop custom content to fit the objectives of the event. This includes an agenda & goals, custom content, exercises & engagement, and outcomes & results. velocityHUB prides itself on high-quality & impactful event content.

03. Event Logistics

The event logistics will largely be assembled by your team based on the specific needs & resources you have available. velocityHUB is available every step of the way to provide input & guidance. The event logistics are a big part of the organization of the entire event and the achievement of objectives.

  • Location & Travel
  • Date & Time
  • Details

04. Champion Lock

When the content has been developed, we will review with you to confirm that it meets your expectations and make any necessary changes. You, as the champion, will have the final lock.

05. Outcomes & Results

On the day of your event, you can count on the velocityHUB professionalism, facilitation & execution to deliver the outcomes & results you are looking for. Custom deliverables will be developed post-event to ensure you get everything out of your event.

Andy McCann, Executive Director & GTM Leader, DELL

“Working with velocityHUB put us on the path of being a high performing team through improved executive level communications, but most importantly in execution. I was able to increase retention, move others along, reinforce key messages and at the end of the day make my senior leaders more competitive. Our win rates have increased, our deals were better qualified, and our ROI on SG&A increased. I know of 3 opportunities we won due to velocityHUB, and those deals alone created over a 100:1 ROI – I am confident there were more.”